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The Secret Fat Burner Alternative

The SEcret Fat Burner Alternative The New natural Fat Burner - No More Side Effects

The Fastest Way To Burn Fat, Natural, Safe & Effective  


Burn Fat Faster than Ever! Without Side Effects
Burn FAT for Energy,Without Exercise!
Controls Appetite And Food Cravings
Best quality herbs used to increase metabolism safely.
Users Say Its Like The Secret Fat Burner Improved
the secret fat burner


Powerful Natural Weight Loss Pills

 The Fat Burner is a powerful new diet pill combining multiple weight loss benefits to help you get the slim, sexy body you’ve always wanted

Unique new weight loss pills designed to give you better results
Suppress your appetite to eat less and feel full
Block fat production and stops weight gain
Burn stored fat and reveal your dream body
Increase energy levels for easy weight loss
High quality formula manufactured in GMP approved facilities
the fat burner

Faster Fat Loss

Burn Stored Fat

Curbs Appetite

Increase Energy

The Fat Burner That Works!

lost 35kg in 5 months

the secret fat burner weight loss results

"I used to suffer with my extra weight for 10 years and tried all types of diets but nothing worked. That's why I decided to learn more and opt for slimming pills that burns fat and suppresses appetite. I wanted to lose the excess fat around my belly and thighs. So I started with 3 bottles and the results were so amazing i felt so light and energetic i ordered another 3 bottle and lost a total of 35kg over the 5 months.

-Tarryn, Cape Town

lost 16kg in 2 months

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"I wanted to lose weight as quickly as possible and I searched for an effective and non-dangerous weight loss pills for my health. Its like The Secret Fat Burner but without side effects. Im glad i tried it now im 16kg down in just over 2 month. Thank you so much i will be referring all my friends to your safer product."

-Angie, Port Elizabeth

Size 40 to 34 in 3 months

the secret fat burner reviews

"A close friend advised me to try these diet pills. I was skeptical at first but my friend, who had tried these slimming tablets herself for 2 months, had lost 9kgs and that convinced me to try them. I have to say that that its worked for me very well in 3 months i lost lots of inches from a size 40 to 34. Given me lots of energy and clearer skin as well. So glad i tried it!"

-Lungiswa, Johannesburg

3 dress sizes in 3 months

the fat burner reviews

I liked how fast these diet pills worked! There is a huge difference in the way my clothes fit and this just the side by side photo of a 3 month difference! I purchased this because i was looking for a fat burner to help me lose weight without needing to exercise. i ended up choosing this one because it had a lot of great reviews and i am glad i did. Its like the secret fat burner but without the side effects and harmful ingredients.

This stuff is amazing!

-Vani, Durban

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gmp approved fat burner

Quality & Safety

Formulated in a GMP Approved facility. Scientifically formulated with Premium natural fat burner ingredients backed by science.

premium quality fat burner

Premium Quality

Formulated with the highest quality ingredients, and undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality and purity. There are no hidden ingredients or chemicals.

Green Tea Extract - The leaves of green tea are rich in (EGCG), which has various health benefits, like fast fat loss, and increased energy. Green tea also contain natural caffeine, which helps the body flush out fluid and reduce bloating.
Apple Cider Powder - Apple cider vinegar has been used medicinally for centuries! The right amount of daily intake in these pills can help you lose weight, make you lose belly fat, reduce body fat and drop your blood triglycerides.
Lotus Leaf Powder - Lotus flowers, helps promote urination and move the bowels, thus helping lose and dispelling excess fat, reduce blood sugar, breakdown of fat, and protect the skin, liver, and brain.
Bitter Melon Powder -Bitter melon helps the liver to secrete bile acids which are essential for burning excess fat in the body. Also helps with diabetes
Oolong Tea Concentrate - Boosts your metabolism for faster weight loss, promotes healthy hair, and improves your skin condition.
Hawthorn Powder - is loaded with anti-oxidants that helps decrease blood fats, aid digestion, and prevent hair loss. 


Safe, Reliable & Guaranteed Delivery in SA

The Natural Fat Burner combines all the benefits of multiple weight loss pills into just one, making losing weight straightforward, simple, and saves you spending on several other slimming products!



1 Bottle at R490

+ Free Delivery  

1 Months Supply
Free Meal Plan
Free Delivery 
Lose up to 8kgs
No Side Effects
All Natural Ingredients
The new secret fat burner

Most Popular


2 Bottles at R445 Each

+ Free Delivery

2 Months Supply
Free Meal Plan
Free Delivery 
Lose up to 12kgs
No Side Effects
All Natural Ingredients
the secret fat burner alternative

Best Value


3 Bottles at R390 Each

+ Free Delivery

3 Months Supply
Free Meal Plan
Free Delivery 
Lose up to 16kgs
No Side Effects
All Natural Ingredients
the secret fat burner without side effects
guaranteed safe

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
The all natural thermogenic fat burning ingredients breakdown  the fat cells, suppress appetite, and detoxifies to help maintain long term weight loss. 

Is The Fat Burner Safe?
Yes unlike The Secret Fat Burner these slimming tablets contain only natural ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Apple Cider, etc in the right quantities proven to burn fat safely. There are no harmful ingredients.

i had alot of side effects on the secret fat burner, what are the side effects on these pills?
There are no major side effects. Some may experience dry mouth in the first few days when their bodies metabolism increases and starts burning fat.

Who is this for?
If you answer YES to the any of the below, you need this...
You tried everything but still cant lose weight
You want to suppress appetite and stop cravings
You want to increase your energy
You want to detox safely
You want your skin condition to improve.
You want a safe and natural way to lose weight.
How long until i see results?
You can start seeing results quickly...Within days of getting started. Some may notice results in 2 days while some take 2 weeks. (see our customer reviews)

How long will delivery take?
Delivery is 1-3 work days to your door. Free delivery in South Africa only.

How do i take these diet pills?
Take 2 capsules in the morning with breakfast. 

Can i buy these fat burners at Clicks or Dischem?
Due to limited stock you cannot get these fat burners at Clicks or Dischem at the moment.

Where are you located?
Our offices are located in Umhlanga, Durban and we offer free shipping throughout South Africa

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